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Corporate Conferences & Workshops

My first formal experience in teaching and training took place when I was leading tutorials during my PhD studies at Royal Holloway, University of London (UK). I enormously enjoyed the experience of knowledge transmission and growth through mutual exchange. When the opportunity arose I accepted my first lecturing role at university and have not stopped since.

The sharing of knowledge, competences and mutual experience, as well as the enriching exchanges with the students were very gratifying.

Later on in my career as a psychologist I found that teaching and training were a valuable contribution to sharing not just knowledge, but also techniques, to help people cope with the challenges that each and everyone of us sometimes faces in their personal or working lives.

I have since held numerous workshops and conferences on stress management, burn-out prevention, work-life balance, addiction and sophrology - relaxation techniques. 

They last from anywhere between 1 hour to a full day and can be held in English, French or Luxembourgish.

Conferences and workshops are custom-made and tailored to your needs.

They are designed to fit the level, prior knowledge and interests of the population they are aimed at (professionnals, university students...).

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any further questions.

List of workshops, courses and lectures (non exhaustive) :

  • Hyper-connectivity: How to disconnect in an over-connected world NEW !

  • How to maintain a healthy work-life balance when working remotely  

  • How to manage stress and improve well-being using sophrology

  • Coping with work-related stress

  • Burn-out prevention and work-life balance

  • Addiction in the workplace

  • Alcohol addiction: the insiduous progression and the way out. The role of co-dependency.

  • Sleep difficulties and how to improve your sleep

  • Resilience in challenging times

  • ...

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